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Annoying Things (Some) Girls Do On Facebook

  On my friends list, anyway. In no particular order: 1) Take pictures of themselves with all different kinds of food, undeniably trying to make a seductive face and failing miserably each time. 2) Have incessant, seemingly eternal wall to … Continue reading

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Hitler and Video Games

Yesterday, as in typical fashion, I was wondering. There I sat, directly across from my sister in our living room as she concentrated intently on some silly game or another and my fingers flipped casually through some book I had … Continue reading

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Beauty, Appearance, And When It Has Gone Too Far

This blog was created mere moments ago, as the blank background and non-existent theme (unless blankness counts as a theme) would seem to indicate. Or maybe I’m just lazy and/or don’t have quite enough time on my hands to go … Continue reading

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