Beauty, Appearance, And When It Has Gone Too Far

This blog was created mere moments ago, as the blank background and non-existent theme (unless blankness counts as a theme) would seem to indicate. Or maybe I’m just lazy and/or don’t have quite enough time on my hands to go around fixing up blogs to make them all nice and pretty. It is also a distinct possibility that I just don’t care what anybody may think of this blog’s visual appearance, which would beg the question of just why I created it to begin with if I don’t care what anyone thinks of it. If that were the case, I would probably have been better off with some sort of personal diary, or a journal, rather,  if the word “diary” isn’t masculine enough. But I do know plenty of people who keep little blogs all for themselves, set with the utmost limits of privacy so that no one of moderate hacking abilities can ever access the words which lie within them. Yes, my friends, the possibilities of why my blog is currently lacking in visual appearance are endless.

I guess the moral of the story paragraph is that one should never assume. You know what they say – it makes an ass out of you and me. (This is completely and utterly false, of course; there are many cases in which it is perfectly reasonable and even necessary to assume. So if that’s the moral you chose to learn from the first paragraph of this wonderfully vacant blog of mine, with all due respect, smack yourself over the head and after you’ve finished recuperating please choose a different one.)

“Beauty is only skin deep” is a popular saying that most humans who live within our modern society are familiar with. If not with the phrase itself, everyone and everything has come into contact with its message. The meaning of the phrase is quite obvious – that physical beauty is purely superficial and that one should consider a person’s metaphorical interior just as much if not more so than one’s physical appearance. An aesthetically pleasing individual might be downright disgusting on the inside, and vice versa. So says the famous quote.

An interesting thought. And while there is certainly some truth there, I think some of the more unassuming of us might subscribe to its message a tad too much, to the extent that it certainly has dangerous implications. Let it be be known here and now that I have seen some pretty bad looking people in my day. I don’t intend to come off as snide by saying that comment, as it is more or less a simple fact. All of us have seen people who are just plain ugly and there’s no denying it. Some people just aren’t blessed to be pretty or handsome or beautiful or even cute. And I have also seen some pretty bad looking people who happened to be pretty bad looking on the inside too, to say the least. What proponents of this “beauty is skin deep” idea run the risk of doing is labeling every single person who is not beautiful in the superficial sense as someone who is beautiful in the “true”, inner way beauty should be perceived. I mean to say that there are plenty of naive people out there who believe, whether consciously or not, that all people who are ugly on the outside have to be beautiful on the inside. This irks me to no end.

Even worse, there are always those people who nobody seems to like and who happen to have some bad physical feature as well. I don’t even have to spell it out for you to know who I am talking about. Especially as the teenager that I am, I have been no stranger to people who bear severely awkward physical characteristics brought on by their pubescent developments. But sometimes, the fact of the matter is that people with these unfortunate characteristics can just as well be unpleasant and annoying and standoffish and maybe even nasty. And yet, somehow, the majority of their acquaintances feel terrible guilt in labeling them as the _____ (insert profanity here, depending on severity and possibly sex of ____ in question) they really are. And anyone who doesn’t pity this poor aesthetically unpleasing individual and isn’t cautiously kind with them is made out to be some kind of a bully, picking on some innocent, downtrodden kid just because of some physical turnoff or disability. And when considered by a rational mind, this train of thought is clearly wrong, for lack of better word.

And so the real moral of the story paragraphs that make up my very first blog post is: yes, beauty might be skin deep, but that doesn’t make someone who lacks skin deep beauty necessarily beautiful on the inside. And that doesn’t mean any individual has the right to alter their behavior towards someone who is, unfortunately, not the best looking person out there, but also not the nicest or maybe even a complete jerk. So without becoming a preacher, I guess it would be nice if naive people could stop being so… well, naive on the subject. People with negative inner characteristics possess them no matter what, and to judge them positively or show them some twisted sense of pity based on the way they look is surely a double standard in every sense of the word.

Naturally, this also means that I do not expect you to assume my post(s) to be well written, just because I neglected to enhance my background as if that means I must have been diligently at work at some kind of masterpiece. This post might have been a total piece of crap that should be tossed into a fireplace or toilet of your choice as soon as possible (though how this will be accomplished given the whole “internet” thing is quite beyond me) – I will leave it up to you to decide. Because contrary to what I stated at the very beginning of my very first blog post on my very colorless blog, I am not writing solely for myself to read. Don’t blame me. I was only trying to make a point, gosh.

And maybe I’ll edit the background on this thing, one of these days.

Or maybe not.

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3 Responses to Beauty, Appearance, And When It Has Gone Too Far

  1. Dan says:

    Pulchritude possesses solely subcutaneous profundity. (SAT practice.)

  2. Kevin Wolf says:


  3. Shawna Lynn says:

    i couldn’t have aid it any better.

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