Annoying Things (Some) Girls Do On Facebook


On my friends list, anyway.

In no particular order:

1) Take pictures of themselves with all different kinds of food, undeniably trying to make a seductive face and failing miserably each time.

2) Have incessant, seemingly eternal wall to walls about how much they miss each other and just have to catch up, when they could catch up on the phone every once in a while if they really cared (or at least get their friendship the hell off my homepage…).

3) Comment on profile pictures of girls that they know aren’t good looking, informing them of their beauty, usually just to get a petty compliment on their picture in return.

4) Then, of course, girls feel the need to launch the inevitable and inevitably annoying conversation that goes a little like this:

“omg ur soooo pretty just stop it k thanks bye.”

“um thanks but we all know ur better looking but okay”

“no you are!”


Oh Jesus.

4) Hog up everyone’s homepage by “liking” at least double the amount of pages than the amount of people in the state of New Jersey. “So and so has liked this… and 376 other pages.”

5) Make those ridiculous kissy faces. Enough said.

6) Set their statuses as depressing lyrics every night for years on end. It’s to the point that I really hope these girls get a boyfriend someday, if not for their sanity, at least so I don’t have to be eternally cursed to reading about their heartbroken sob-stories.

7) Create photo albums full of hundreds of pictures of them and their friends sitting in the exact same location, making the same exact pose but with a slight difference each time. Of course, this is only motivated by their desire to flaunt their ability to use their expensive Mac’s Photobooth. And a complete lack of anything else to do with their lives on a boring Sunday afternoon.

So that’s pretty much it. What’s up with (some) girls and facebook? Like, just stop it already. Yeah. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an art history class that I should be paying attention to. Oh, there’s the bell… Nevermind.

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1 Response to Annoying Things (Some) Girls Do On Facebook

  1. Easy-E says:

    Make their status as PIN: 237gubfuje3 (because I need to tell you that I am socially/financially superior to you since I have a Blackberry)

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