The Mystery of God and Toothbrushes

I had the absolute weirdest dream last night. It was distinctly odd because it was not, by any means, your typically outlandish “four eyed monsters chasing you around an ice skating rink in the middle of Algeria when suddenly you realize you’re not wearing any pants” kind of dream. The peculiarity was in the fact that it actually made sense… and that it wasn’t much of a dream at all. Last night, ladies and gentlemen, I dreamed a thought. And the thought is as follows:

If God existed, why would we have to brush our teeth?

Yeah, I know. It’s a weird one, right?This thought had me amused for quite some time after I awoke. Call me a narcissist (actually, please don’t), but my crazy train of thought often fascinates me. (But seriously, don’t call me a narcissist.) Undeniably more interesting, though, is the curious nature of dreams in general. I believe the Jewish sages say something about dreams being 1/60th prophecy. If there is one thing I can take out of such a statement, it is that dreams are an exceptionally unique phenomenon. Dreams pose us all with all sorts of fascinating questions, some of which we can learn about and some of which have answers which remain currently unknown. Personally speaking, it is my sincere hope that certain dreamy questions remain unanswered for as long as I live to experience dreaming. Those unanswered questions add to the mystery of our world, and the human experience which we all undergo. As the man whose very name has become synonymous with “genius” once said, “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

And so I let my mind revel in the beautiful mystery of dreams. I wonder: 1) Is their a meaning behind them at all? 2) Why do we struggle to remember our dreams – and will we ever be able to remember all of them? 3) From what memory / information source does the mind create dreams? 4) Is it possible to truly control our own dreams once we realize in midst of one that we are, in fact, dreaming? 5) Can people die in their own dream? And if so, what happens when they do?

Dreams are of a very curious nature indeed. Quite mysterious, which certainly leads to their beauty, as I assume our anonymous quotee would also believe. And it would be nice if we could keep them that way. Therefore, I will not so much as bother to answer the question of how God could exist if we have to brush our teeth. Maybe we don’t really have to brush our teeth and plaque, cavities, and fluoride are all cleverly crafted terms which evil dentists invented to earn a living. In such a case, not only does God have a shot at existence, but I am never ever scheduling a dentist appointment again. Serves them right. I truly loathe the dentist’s office anyway, even though my dentist is a rather nice lady. Or maybe dentists are not all scheming, deceptive scumbags after all. Regardless…. I know definitely that for as long as I can, I will continue to revel in the glorious feeling of simply understanding that, as of now, I cannot understand; in dreaming a dream and thinking “I haven’t the faintest idea.”

…(But seriously now, I really am not a narcissist.)

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2 Responses to The Mystery of God and Toothbrushes

  1. Dan says:

    I’m far from an expert on the topic, but dreams serve several purposes. First, they preserve sleep, which is obviously important & necessary to a body. Hence the typical attempt of a dream to try & incorporate external things, such as alarm clocks; to let you sleep longer. Also, from what I understand, when you’re asleep, your brain processes the various information obtained during the day, and sort of like a computer, files, stores & backs up all the data, arranging it into categories it feels are vital, useful, trivial, etc. As this data jumps all around the brain’s filing cabinet system, thoughts get munged into dreams, based on the activity in your subconscious.
    Anyway, lots to be studied on that topic obviously, but the big question about god is: why mosquitos?

  2. Reuven says:

    to answer those 5 questions posted:
    1. yes you touched upon the idea that dreams are 1/60th prophecy so there for their meaning could be to warn us about the future
    2. we struggle to remember all of our dreams because the human brain uses a very small percent of it to dream therefore the hypothalamus (memory storage place of the brain) doesn’t recognize it as much as a conscious moment. that is why you remember the exciting part of your dreams because the brain is working harder to make it happen in your head.
    3. the mind extracts random nuggets of information from the hypothalamus to create the dreams. however some of these nuggets aren’t that random. for example: if you have a day dream right before you fall asleep the brain may continue the day dream into your nocturnal dream.
    4. yes you may control your own dream once you become conscious of your current dream state- this is called lucid dreams.
    5. in theory people can not die in their dreams. whenever you dream you always wake up the split second before you die. for instance i once dreamed that i jumped off of a cliff. i dreamed the entire thing (in slow motion which was really cool) and watched as i fell closer and closer towards the ground but the split second before i hit the ground to go splat i woke up.

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