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The Pros and Cons (But Mostly Cons) of the SAT: the Standardized Testing Debate

So before I proceed to unrelentingly bash the SAT and standardized testing in general, I’ll get some of its benefits out in the open… Any proponent of this whole standardized testing deal will have you know that there are bare … Continue reading

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The Peculiarities Of Time: A Pseudo-Scientific View

Want to try something cool? Check this out. Here’s something interesting in regards to time. You are reading this sentence. Now you are reading this one. And now this one. As you read this very sentence, I’m sure you think … Continue reading

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The “Ground Zero Mosque” Debate: Salt On Our Wounds or the Perfect Band -aid?

As I have contended since I first acquainted myself with the matter at hand… Well, here’s reality: At this point, contentions are worthless. The odds are that any news following, somewhat politically aware individual will have by now developed their … Continue reading

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