Inspiration, Move Me Brightly

Rediscovering old things is always fun, no matter what those things are. Well, unless the old thing in question is something upsetting or unpleasant, in which case, it is not always fun. Let me rephrase that.

Rediscovering old things is fun when those things bring back pleasant or even neutral memories. There. Point is, I like finding things I’ve forgotten about. A few months ago I re-re-re-re discovered a personal journal (I would call it a diary but come on, you know it has a negative connotation) that I kept periodically from 2nd grade throughout elementary school. Cool stuff. I couldn’t believe who I “liked” in 4th grade. Of course, I didn’t even consider that until I got over the fact that I couldn’t believe I actually wrote down who I “liked” in 4th grade in my own little journal. Some may call it cute, some may call it pathetic. Some may call it a mixture of both and extremely embarrassing. That last “some” may be me.

Last night, I stumbled upon a collection of old poems and lyrics from my Freshman and Sophomore years. This little one was written sometime during the latter and it gave me a nice, equally little chuckle. Hurray for reminiscence!

La Inspiracion

I’d like to write a poem, but I lack the inspiration.

Oh what the hell, I might as well turn up the radio station.

“You should be working now!” says mom, but work is such a bore.

I’ll start after a song or two, or maybe three or four.


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