Me, Myself, I

In a perfect world, everyone would think and act exactly like I do, 24/7.

I kid, I kid. But I’m still a strongly opinionated kid, teenager, adolescent, young adult, or whatever you’d like to label me as. I like music, writing, chilling, reading, thinking, learning, arguing, smiling, laughing, and acting, among other things. I support things which are true and moral and I oppose things which are false and immoral. When it comes to academics, I enjoy the general subjects of English, history, philosophy, theology, the study of religion, and some sciences like psychology and biology. I don’t enjoy the general subject of math, no offense meant to all of my previous math teachers. Politically, I identify as generally libertarian (socially liberal, fiscally conservative; I prefer to think of it as pro-liberty across the board.) My biggest “dreams” are to land a spot on the New York Times’ bestsellers list, to learn how to draw, to become proficient at an instrument, and above all, to live the happiest life I can live, while also helping others achieve the same.


12 Responses to Me, Myself, I

  1. no says:


  2. resident of Earth says:

    i like the way your mind works. and your thought processes overall on your posts

  3. jonathanadam says:

    Ha, now I’m so curious! Oh well, if that’s how you roll… I left a response to your comment on my post about time, by the way.

  4. _______ says:

    This is an awesome “blog” (if that’s what you would like to have it called). You should write a book- I’d buy it! 🙂

    • jonathanadam says:

      Haha thanks! Incidentally, I am writing a book; give me a way to contact you and I might even let you have it for free =]

      • _______ says:

        Haha well actually, I found you through a friend on facebook. Don’t think i’m creepy lol i just saw that we were very similar and decided to check out your blog.

      • _______ says:

        But for that reason you may not want to contact me haha

  5. Fellow says:

    Damn mate, this is awesome. I have to make time just to read this. Despite the fact that I don’t want Ron Paul or someone with a similar mindset to be elected president of these United States, I greatly enjoy your work and free thinking, .

    • jonathanadam says:

      Thanks, I appreciate it a ton! I actually just wrote a recent post on drug legalization (my second to last post); my anti-prohibition stance directly reflects that of Paul’s, so if by chance you’ve read that, I’m curious to know what you think about it (and by extension of Paul’s views as well). I was actually quite liberal (both economically and socially) before I checked out some Ron Paul videos. He won me over to his ideas almost overnight, and since then I’ve been a dedicated supporter. In case you’re still open to or curious about “Ron Paul or someone with a similar mindset”, I’d be more than happy to provide some info on the subject.

      Within the next few days I intend to write about two more topics – whether or not taxation is morally justifiable, and whether or not sanctions/war with Iran would be wise or even justifiable for the U.S.A. Incidentally, my views on both of those subjects are also quite similar to Paul’s, so definitely check back here in a few days if you’re willing to give those ideas an unbiased look.

  6. Fellow says:

    I’d love to. My posts and my ability to read your very comprehensive and long works will be sporadic however because of my hectic work schedule.
    When you talk about something being not morally justifiable, do you consider it unnecessary for the common or governmental good? Is something morally UNjustifiable something the government cannot/shouldn’t do?

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