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Personal reflections on the evolution of my religious progress; what does being Jewish mean to me, anyway?

nooooote to self and world: this post is a rough draft written roughly a year ago; I don’t remember writing it, and guess what, I don’t know why I’m posting it either. Needs some serious editing, my friend(s). My tight … Continue reading

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The Arrogance Of Theism Vs. That Of Atheism: Turning The Conventional Wisdom On Its Head

I hear frequently about the arrogance and presumptuousness of atheism/atheists from friends, rabbis, and teachers alike. After all, it is suggested, the vast majority of human beings throughout history have believed in some kind of God. Who are atheists to … Continue reading

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Why Ending Foreign Aid To Israel Is The Only Zionist, Pro-Israel Option

In 2011, the United States will supply Israel with approximately 3 billion dollars in military aid. The practice of giving foreign aid to Israel is nothing new for America; it gives Israel more or less the same amount of money … Continue reading

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Why Drug Prohibition Of Any Sort Is Inherently Immoral, Totalitarian, and Profoundly Un-American

Drug prohibition of any sort infringes on personal freedom. That should serve as good enough proof that the American government should end the War On Drugs and repeal federal drug prohibitions of all kinds. (To most people it’s not quite … Continue reading

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How Military Adventurism and Policing The World Allow For Big Government Gone Wild

Today, Ron Paul made headlines for his apparently bold and controversial assertion that Al Qaeda figure and U.S. Citizen Anwar al-Awlaki deserved his constitutional right to a fair trial, instead of the murder by drone strike he received in Yemen … Continue reading

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Why Modern Liberalism Is An Ideology Of Inherent Closed-Mindedness and Intolerance

After an in depth exploration of some key modern liberal ideas over the past few weeks, I’ve been led to the conclusion that liberalism at its core is an ideology of pure, unadulterated close-mindedness and intolerance. Let’s first contrast liberalism … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and Political Philosophy: Is Dumbledore A Libertarian?

An admittedly extreme amount of nerdiness coupled with way too much time to think about nothing important has led me to evaluate the political leanings of famous characters in literature. I started with a character from one of the most … Continue reading

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